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Last updated: May 2020

Little Boutique Card is a limited liability company registered Scotland with company number SC658946. Little Boutique Card is a Salon Discount Membership website. Little Boutique Card and associated companies, and references in this document to “us,” “our,” and “we” refer to Little Boutique Card and Littleboutiquecard.com. 



Your Membership is on-going and is consequently renewed towards the finish of every membership period. If you do not cancel your membership before 12 noon on the day before your membership is due to expire, you authorise us (Little Boutique Card Ltd) to take payment from you for the next billing cycle. In the event that you would prefer not to renew your membership with us please contact us.

 Your renewal date is the expiry date which appears on your computerized membership card.

From time to time we may offer a free trial period. The free trial period is intended to allow new members the opportunity to try our service. The duration of the free trial membership will be stated upon sign up.

We reserve the right to cancel your free trial at any time if we feel that it is being abused.

We will charge the full price of the membership or the reduced offer price of the membership at the end of the free trial.

The renewal price after free membership will be specified at the time of sign-up.

We have 2 membership levels basic and advanced. Both the membership levels pursue the conditions above.

The Basic Membership is for the sole utilization of the member.

The Advanced Membership is for the utilization of the member, their partner and up to 3 youngsters under the age of 16.

The offer type and availability will be defined and displayed on each individual salon page.

With regards to both advanced and basic memberships, retail items are excluded in the offer.

When you acknowledge the terms and conditions you consent to proceed with the administration and services. Your 14-day cooling-off period begins the day after you consent to proceed with the administration, this does not have any bearing to renewals that follow. You will receive an acknowledgement email with confirmation of purchase.

A few Salons may have explicit exclusions, you can access these details by visiting the Salon page on the App or website. We will utilize your personal information in the arrangement of your Membership, as per our Privacy Policy. When you sign up on our site or one of our greeting pages, at that point individual data is prepared on the premise that we have a genuine business interest for providing you appropriate services.

  1. Introduction

1.1 This page (together with the records alluded to on it) discloses to you the terms and conditions on which we supply Little Boutique Card participations (enrolment), and you enjoy services from being a Member of the Little Boutique Card (club). Further insights about the enrolments and the club can be found on our sites. By using the services of Little Boutique Card you consent to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1.2 You should print a duplicate of these terms and conditions for future reference.

1.3 As per our Privacy Policy, we will utilize your personal information in the arrangement of your Membership to you.

1.4 You will not be able to actuate your Membership if you do not agree with the Terms outlined in this document.

1.5 We maintain all authority to change these terms and conditions as per our discretion without any notice. In any case, it would be ideal if you note that you will be liable to the terms and conditions in power at the time that you requested membership from us, except if any change to these terms and conditions is required to be made by law or legislation. Such changes will also apply to your previous orders with us.

1.6 Legitimate reason for the handling or your data and orders.

For us to satisfy our legally binding client commitments, there is a necessity to gather explicit client/customer recognizable data. In the event that you sign up on our site or one of our greeting pages, at that point, individual data is prepared on the premise that we have a genuine reason for doing so.

You will get value-based messages and messages that you are required to be made mindful of (for example updates to Terms, Privacy Policy and so on). In other cases (for instance, accepting representative advantages) we will process your personal data utilizing the legitimate premise of satisfying an agreement with the third party supplier or the business.

1.7 We have an authentic regard for further handling the data, which is given by you at the purpose of the offer for advertising purposes. We may likewise utilize your data for other explicit genuine purposes, for example,

  • To guarantee that products and services from our site are displayed in the best way for you.
  • To furnish you with information or services that you require from us or maybe of future interest to you, where you have either expressly agreed to or we trust you have a real enthusiasm for.
  • To complete our commitments emerging from any agreements between us.
  • To enable you to take part in new features and highlights of our website, if you wish.
  • To advise you about changes to our administration and services.
  • We may likewise utilize your information, or grant third parties, for example, Salons to utilize your information to give you data about products and services which might bear some significance with you and we may get in touch with you about these by email.
  1. Data about us

The Memberships are worked by Little Boutique Card.

  1. Your status

3.1 By putting in a request for Membership through one of our business entities and websites, you warrant that you are lawfully equipped for going into contracts and you are an adult, 16 years of age and above.

3.2 All communications related to memberships should only be made by the member.

  1. How the agreement among you and us is shaped

4.1 The agreement between us may be shaped when you acknowledge the terms and states of the enrolment. This acknowledgement affirms your consent to proceed with the administration.

  1. Term

5.1 Please note your participation will continue until cancelled and is renewed consequently toward the finish of every enrolment period. If you have signed up to our annual membership and have provided an email address, we will send you an email update towards the finish of your membership term to provide information about you next membership term. Your renewal date is the expiry date provided on your membership card. We won’t be subject for any non-receipt of correspondence from us, including non-receipt of the renewal update.  In the event that you change your correspondence address (both email and postal) you are required to notify us of this. On the off chance that you would prefer not to renew your subscription, you should get in touch with us by email anytime inside your participation period and no later than 12 noon on the working day before the expiry date of your present enrolment.

  1. Buyer rights

6.1 The 14-day cooling-off period begins the day after you consent to proceed with our administration of service.

6.2 When you cancel your membership, you will get an affirmation email; it is suggested this is kept for your very own records.

6.3 If you stop your enrolment within the Trial period, you will be qualified for a refund of your participation, less a pro-rata charge for the time of spread. Subject to some other statutory rights you may have, we do not give refunds to any cancellations out with the cooling-off period of 14 days.

  1. Cost and Instalment

7.1 The cost of the enrolment will be as cited on our site.

7.2 Prices incorporate VAT.

7.3 Prices are at risk to change; however, changes won’t influence confirmed orders.

7.4 Payment must be made via PayPal or other payment methods as stated on our website.

  1. Your enrolment and use at Participating Salons

8.1 Participating salons may prohibit festivity days (counting yet not constrained to Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and Valentine’s Day) and Bank Holidays. Please check our website for updates.

8.2 Offers promoted on our site are only accessible to individuals who hold our memberships. Such offers cannot be combined with other offers that salons might run.

8.3 The expiry date of every participation will differ and will consistently be checked at every salon. Lapsed enrolments are not acknowledged by salons. Enrolments are non-transferable and must be utilized by named individuals and their added members as referenced on their membership card. Up to 3 kids can be added to the membership.

8.4 We will utilize sensible undertakings to refresh our site to demonstrate the specifics of the salons and the provisions of their accessibility. Salons may notwithstanding, be qualified for pull back or to change the terms and states of their accessibility after you have turned into a member and we will have no obligation for any such withdrawals or changes in wording and conditions or accessibility.

8.5 Members will have the advantage of any extra salons, which join sometime in the future.

8.6 Any printed promotions are proposed as a guide about salons who are taking an interest at the season of production and may exclude every participating salon at any one time.

8.7 Participating salons may check the legitimacy of your enrolment.

  1. Our obligation

9.1 Subject to provision 10.3, in the event that we neglect to agree to these terms and conditions, our obligation to you will be restricted to the membership fee.

9.2 Subject to provision 10.3, we will not be obligated for any misfortunes that result from our inability to consent to these terms and conditions that fall into the accompanying classes:

9.2.1 Loss of pay or income;

9.2.2 Loss of business;

9.2.3 Loss of benefits/profits; or

9.2.4 Loss of foreseen investment funds.

9.3 Nothing in this understanding rejects or confines our risk for:

9.3.1 Death or individual damage brought about by our carelessness;

9.3.2 Fraud or deceitful deception;

9.3.3 Any break of the commitments suggested by segment 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or Section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982; or

9.3.4 Any other issue for which it would be illicit for us to reject or endeavour to bar our obligation.

9.4 Where you avail the services of listed salon, any misfortunes or obligation emerging out of, or regarding, such administrations or potentially nourishment will be the applicable participating salon’s risk. We acknowledge no risk for any unfortunate encounters at any of these listed salons. We won’t become associated with any contest among you and any salon.

9.5 We don’t give any guarantee for any merchandise or administrations presented on our site.

  1. Correspondence in writing

10.1 Applicable laws necessitate that a portion of the data or interchanges we send to you ought to be recorded as a hard copy. When utilizing our site, you acknowledge that correspondence with us will be for the most part electronic. We will reach you by email or furnish you with data by posting details and information on our site (s). For authoritative purposes, you consent to these electronic methods for correspondence and you recognize that all agreements, notification, data and different interchanges of information that we furnish to you electronically follow any lawful necessity that such correspondences be recorded as a hard copy. This condition does not influence your statutory rights.

  1. Notices

11.1 All notification given by you to us must be given to The Operations Director at [email protected] We may pull out to you at either the email or postal location you give to us when submitting a request, or in any of the ways indicated in provision 10 above. Notice will be considered received and appropriately served promptly when posted on our site, 24 hours after an email is sent, or three days after the date of posting of any letter. In demonstrating the administration of any notice, it will be adequate to demonstrate, on account of a letter, that such letter was appropriately tended to, stepped and set in the post and, on account of an email, that such email was sent to the predefined email address of the recipient.

  1. Waiver

12.1 Failure by us to implement any of these terms and conditions will not keep us from reliance or authorizing, them.

  1. Severability

13.1 If any court or equipped specialist chooses that any of the arrangements of these terms and conditions are invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any degree, the term will, to that degree just, be cut off from the rest of the terms, which will keep on being legitimate to the highest reaches allowed by law.

  1. Third-Party Rights

14.1 An individual who isn’t involved with these terms and conditions will not have any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

  1. Full Understanding and Agreement

15.1 These terms and conditions and any report explicitly alluded to comprise of the entire understanding among us and supersedes every single past correspondence, dealings, past course of action, comprehension or understanding between us identifying with the topic of these terms and conditions. All parties recognize that, in going into these terms and conditions, neither of us depends on, or will have any remedies in regard of, any portrayal or guarantee (regardless of whether made carelessly) that isn’t set out in these terms and conditions or the reports alluded to in them. Nothing in this condition restricts or prohibits any obligation for misrepresentation.

  1. Law and purview

This understanding and agreement will be translated as per the Scottish law and subject to the non-selective jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.



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